Snoop Dogg Shares “Let Bygones Be Bygones” & Album Release Day

Let Bygones Be Bygones single cover

Snoop Dogg Shares “Let Bygones Be Bygones” & Album Release Day

It is good to know that the classic hip-hop makers are coming out from time to time to show how it has to be done. Snoop Dogg surprisingly announced his new single. The future hit has the meaningful name “Let bygones be bygones”. It sounds like the rapper is forgiving himself and the others (Suge, Dre, Master P & more) and he is looking ahead with no prejudice.


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The news for the single and the single itself was followed by very warm comments from Snoop Dogg’s most impatient fans. The song is from the beginning to the last word an old school hip-hop style from the best years of the rappers from Snoop’s generation.


It is like a review of what he and some of the great names in rap music have created. He is mentioning Dr. Dre, Warren G and some others, claiming that they together made history. The film and music rap star is also implying that it is not over yet. And the new single is great proof about that.

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The name of the Snoop Dogg’s new song is deep for him and shows some kind of peace with old things. The meaning of the phrase changed during the centuries. At first, it was addressed for anything that is in the past.


With the time the phrase started to refer only about the bad things that happened in the previous times. Anyways the single is promising to become something big. And the first comments proof that the rapper is in the right direction.


In the past few years, Snoop Dogg experimented with many activities. He made several music collaborations, succeeding to keep his place in the industry. Last autumn the author of some of the greatest hits in hip-hop even published a cookbook called From Crook to Cook. It consists of fifty “high-level“ recipes to try at home.


August 16, 2019.

What is even greater news from the one for the new “Let bygones be bygones” single is the announcement for the new album. Snoop Dogg is even giving the specific date for “I Wanna Thank Me” album, which is 16th of August.

All this information can be seen on his Instagram profile. There the fans can find a link to preorder the album as it is out on the market. Looking forward to hearing more from Snoop’s quality pieces.

Release Day: August 7, 2019


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