Snoop Dogg To Pay Rotimi’s Debt To 50 Cent


Snoop Dogg To Pay Rotimi’s Debt To 50 Cent

As you know, “Fofty” isn’t letting anyone pass by when it comes about getting his money back. In the past few months, it became clear that a lot of people were owing money to the “Power” superstar.

From what we saw, 50 is like a beast that bites and won’t let go until he got what he wants.

A few months ago his social media posts were like bullets aimed at Teairra Mari after he won the trial and the judge ordered Mari to pay over $30k to 50 Cent.

The next on the list was Randall Emmett, with IG and Twitter attacks the G Unit boss secured the bag once again, by receiving a payment from the producer. Then was born the phrase “Fofty”.

Now, the “Power” star and r&b singer Rotimi is on 50’s “ give me back my money” list. After several posts, it became clear to the world that Rotimi is the next victim and 50 is not letting him slide just like that.

Snoop Dogg from the other side seems to be a “Power” fan and he kinda likes Rotimi’s character because he doesn’t want him to get killed” by 50.

The LBC OG offered to 50 to pay off Rotimi’s debt just to save the young artist from the rage that coming on his way.

In an IG video, Snoop addressed the “21 Questions” artist letting him know that he is ready to pay, just let Rotimi live in the TV series.



In a recent interview, the “Walk With Me” singer said that the debt it was just part of the deal between him and 50 a few years ago when Rotimi signed his contract with G Unit. Now they are cool and he already paid $100k to 50. We don’t know if the singer has to pay more to the rapper, but for sure 50 will let us know any soon.




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