Soulja Boy Announces New Album With A Phone Call From Prison


Soulja Boy Announces New Album With A Phone Call From Prison

After violating his limiting order the rapper – а musical sensation is in the jail. However, the Soulja Boy has not broken his spirit and is in a great mood. He showed his loyalty to his fans after he was directly contacted by a phone call from prison with a statement.

The video that captures the rapper phone call from prison was published in social networks, in particular in Instagram by his manager.

Soulja Boy returns with a big bang in 2019


The rapper thanked his family, his friends, and his fans that they are with him even if he is behind the bars. The video quickly spread and caused a furor in social networks.

Soulja said he would soon be out of prison and would be free. He also speaks about his new album that is on the way. He said soon he would return with the biggest hits for the year 2019. The biggest comeback?

After is out of the jail Soulja Boy will make a tour, he said to his biggest fans, as expresses his gratitude to all of them.

Fans have sent letters and money hidden in books

The “Crank That” rhymer appreciates the love of his fans and says he has read all the letters they sent him. Also thanked for the money hidden in the books, he received in the jail.

He tells everyone in his video that although he is in jail now he will come out soon and he will be stronger than ever. This is a small obstacle to a great comeback, he said, pointing to all those who have tried to crush him.

The rapper has a 240-day prison sentence for a violation of conditional release. He must also complete 265 days of community service after being released. We all are waiting for his big returning on the stage!



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