Soulja Boy Free From Jail Earlier Than Planned |

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Soulja Boy Free From Jail Earlier Than Planned

Last Sunday was a great day for Soulja Boy. Earlier this year, in April he was sentenced by the Los Angeles Court for rude violation of probation. Originally the same institution gave him two hundred and forty days in jail.

The Billboard number one holder stayed true to his fans and picked-up the curtain several weeks ago, though not being very specific to what he was implying. According to the source, Soulja Boy told them to expect the biggest comeback for the year 2019. And shortly after that, we all know what he was referring.

As it was mentioned before, the rapper was expected to stay in jail for not less than two hundred and forty days. According to the facts, all in all, he spent just three months there. Asked for comment the sources from the Police Department told the press that the reasons for the release were combined. In more details, the official speaker said it was part of good behavior, overcrowding and enough time served for the rapper and author of Better Late than Never Album.

Soulja Boy is not new to the authorities.

His troubles with the Police began in 2007. The multi-platinum artist’s one of the latest accusations was about not completing community service and falsifying of work evidence.

Nevertheless, the rapper has massive support from his fans all the way through. Some of his messages from jail said that he is reading and answering to every text or mail he gets from them. The rapper, whose real name is DeAndre Way claims that he appreciates every mail and support he gets.

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Even more – Draco gave a promise for tour ones he comes out of jail.

The message shows no trace of guilt for being sentenced so many times and for the things he has done. The rapper presents the time in jail as settle to a bigger comeback. Later on, he is sending love to all the fans, encouraging him to send money in books and come to visit the DeAndre Way author behind the bars.

Only the future will show what his next act will be after he is fresh out and ready for the big comeback.



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