T.I. Disses Floyd Mayweather


Alright, here’s the deal…The worldwide fashion mogul Gucci recently popped out with black face sweater for their 2018 winter line. The sweater caused social explosion among the rap stars like T.I., 50 Cent and more, who was obviously not happy – the least we can say, about the new product.

There was an excuse from Gucci about the situation, shortly after the backlash and of course the company addressed the problem like internal, demanded excuse as well.

However, the excuse wasn’t accepted neither from 50 Cent and T.I. as the rappers announced that they will boycott the brand at any way. 50, which is known with his sense of humor, controversy and trolling abilities even uploaded a video via his IG profile, showing how he burns out Gucci clothes.

50 and Tip might felt offended by the black face outfit, but that not seems to be the case for the champ – Floyd Mayweather. In a recent interview Floyd was spotted in front of Gucci shop, right before he goes in to spend some big money.

To the boycott situation, the boxer made a statement that nobody will tell him what to wear or what to not wear, telling that he is no follower. Mayweather was spotted getting out the store with full bags of Gucci.

The consequences of this, arrived shortly with something that rappers do best – raps. T.I. dropped a Floyd Mayweather Diss called “Fu*k Ni**a”, check out what T.I. have to say on The Champ.



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