T.I. Shares Video For ‘What It’s Come To’ Addressing Sexual Assault Accusations

T.I. Shares Video For 'What It's Come To' Addressing Sexual Assault Accusations screenshot

T.I. drops the video for his newest track “What It’s Come To” where he’s addressing all the sexual assault allegations that he and his wife Tiny were accused of in the past few months.

The new video starts with a black and white scene of a wall full of pictures of T.I. and his wife, created by someone who’s obviously obsessed with the couple. Which is also addressing the people who accused the Harris family recently.

Directed by Visionmob, the new video shows Tiny and TIP being together in a rainy night. The clip includes images from newspapers, media outlets, social media posts all related to the several allegations the Atlanta-bred rap veteran and his wife were put under.

For a rapper, the normal and natural way for T.I. to express his feelings and oppinion is by making music. And he did it.

Watch the new video for “What It’s Come To” by T.I. below.

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