Tekashi 6ix9ine Got 2 Years Jail Time, What’s Next?

Tekashi 6ix9ine 2 year sentence

Tekashi 6ix9ine Got 2 Years Jail Time, What’s Next?

6ix9ine, who was (until November 2018) an active member of the violent gang called Nine Trey Gangsters, got his final sentence. There were many attempts to break the gang and the Federal Service at least made it. When the arrests were taken in 2018 six men of the gang were taken in custody and one of them was Tekashi.

To make the long story short the “Dummy Boy” rapper was pressed charges before that arrest and he is well known to the police. This acquaintance includes shooting, beating, kidnapping and sexual felony with a minor. The last one almost brought him years in prison, but he pleaded guilty and obtained a special agreement. In one of his numerous interviews, he shared that his great fears are for two things – God and the FBI. And the second already happened to him in November 2018.

The 2 Year Sentence

Then came the co-operation with the authorities which 6ix9ine was not willing to do at first. But after that considering his serious accusations, he did not have much of choice and took the right decision. The judge who pronounced the sentence is called Paul Engelmayer. He said that the help of the former gangster member and the time he already served was good, but not enough. That is why he is giving him two years of prison in total, of which he has left only thirteen months. This means that he will be free in 2020.

The sentence also includes three hundred hours of community service and thirty-five thousand dollars fee. Though the judge thought Hernandez will be disappointed that he will not be freed immediately, we have to admit things turned out very well, having in mind he was almost facing 47 years behind the bars.

The judge did not forget to mention that the rapper was kidnapped and beaten almost to death, but it was all consequences from his life as a gang member and doing illegal stuff. 6ix9ine’s lawyer pleaded for three years of full-time security after his release for helping to take down one of the cruelest gangs.

What’s Next?

In his speech to the Honored Judge, Tekashi said he understands fully that he is not a victim and he is willing to change and be an inspiration, not only a bad role model to the younger. It is a hopeful thing to hear and let’s wait to see it down. Maybe 6ix9ine will have the chance to make it true because he got a new big-money deal and to be more accurate $10 million worth.

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Also, for those who want to go deeper in the 6ix9ine case, Complex and Spotify are dropping docu-series in 2020.



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