“The Box” By Roddy Ricch Rules the Charts For Seventh Week In A Row

Roddy Ricch the box

“The Box” By Roddy Ricch Rules the Charts For Seventh Week In A Row

Roddy Ricch is ruling the music world’s highest tops at the moment with “The Box”. His latest song called The Box is holding the number one spot for seventh consecutive week with no sighs to give the crown up soon. Since it first entered the Top 100 Billboard Chart approximately two months ago, it does not stop to be liked by the audience and voted to be the top song there.

Even more interesting is the fact, that it was never officially released as a single, but this fact does not stop it from topping other charts as well. Amongst them are the Rolling Stone Top 100 and also the Canadian Top 100. But make no mistake this is not the full list. In some charts which are specifically made for hip-hop and rap songs, the song is even beating its record and stays there for eight weeks, not seven.


Looking closely at the sales and the streaming, the things seem better than good here as well. Only for the last week according to the statistics The Box managed to generate not less than fifty-two million streamings. And that is only for the USA. With its total eleven hundred sales, the song very fast is hops from one place to the higher one.

Besides the success of Roddy Ricch and the other people, who are involved in the making of the song, the record company is also happy to make the reaching of the top spots public. It is for sure a huge success for the Atlantic Records, following another breakthrough with Lizzo and T.I. whose songs reached the top and also stayed there for seven weeks during the month of September and October last year.

Happily, this is not the only good news to share around Roddy. According to the news, he is confirmed to take part in the Rolling Loud Miami Festival 2020 edition. The event will take place on three days of May, starting on the 8th of May.

And if you think the rapper is now just laying back and enjoying the charts, you are completely wrong. Currently, Roddy is rocking the mic during his Antisocial Tour, promoting his latest album with a similar name – Forgive Me For Being Antisocial.



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