The First Hip-Hop Music Video For Visually Impaired People Is Out Now

The First Hip-Hop Music Video For Visually Impaired People Is Out Now

The First Hip-Hop Music Video For Visually Impaired People Is Out Now

There are more than 2.2. billion people across the world, who are visually impaired. And the music videos or any videos at all are not something they can enjoy every time.

Fortunately for them few rappers gathered and released a concept, allowing them not only to listen to the music. Stoneface along with William Cooper and Trophy Sniper made a video for their track “Silent Killa” with an audio description of what is going on to let this two billion person “see” the music.

Stoneface himself as the main initiator of the project is part of these two billion people across the world. In 1999 he had a horrific accident that did not let him see anymore. The gun pointed at his face was the last thing he would ever see. The series called “Survived…Beyond and Back” are telling it all.

To make the long story short in 1999 the rapper was at an argument when a friend of his bumped onto a girl on a gas station. She was accompanied by a man and Stoneface had few words with him. He tried to apologize and find a way to solve the problem quietly. And he believed he did it and walked away from the man at some point. Shortly after that he got into his car and prepared to leave. This is the moment when he saw the gun pointed at his face. He got shot in the head. Then the hospital struggle came. At the ER he died not once, but twice and was returned to life. He was revived but lost his sight forever.

That is why the problem is very close to him. And Stone shared many times that he made many videos after that. In none of them he said, he knew what is exactly happening and how the video looks like. He though managed to develop his other senses to the next level. Stoneface also said when you cannot see people’s eyes you learn to catch their energy and judge by it. He believes this is even a better judging character than the looking.

The rapper shared he got the idea for a description of the video from the major streaming platforms like Amazon and Netflix Prime.

Watch “Silent Killa” the first hip-hop music video for visually impaired people below.



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