The Game And Lil Wayne Join Forces In New 'A.I. With The Braids' Single image

The Game reconnects with Lil Wayne for a new single ‘A.I. With The Braids’ where the long-time collaborators pay homage to Game’s friend and NBA legend Allen Iverson.

It’s been seven months since the last time we heard some new music from The Game with his Kobe Bryant and Nipsey Hussle tribute song – “Welcome Home” released back in April 2020. With his last album released in 2019 ‘Born 2 Rap‘, the Compton-bred rapper announced his retirement from rap music but seems like you can’t just quit from the magic of hip-hop.

Now The Game taps Lil Wayne for a Mike Zombie-produced track, where Allen Iverson is the main topic. Highlighting Iverson’s life through the years, Game also mentions 50 Cent and G-Unit, defining himself as “the real ghost”, a reference to 50’s POWER TV series.

“Every kid including myself wanted to be Allen Iverson” – The Game says about the track.

Check out “A.I. With The Braids” by The Game and Lil Wayne below via Spotify or YouTube.




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