The Game Releases His Last Album “Born 2 Rap”

The Game Born 2 Rap album cover image

The Game Releases His Last Album “Born 2 Rap”

The period of waiting for The Game’s new album, which previously was announced to be the last one in his career as a rapper, is a very complicated emotion to be described. From one side the fans are always eager to get a new track or album. But when you know that this will be the last time you will hold The Game’s new work is a half happy half sad time. Several times during this year California born star released rumors for his project to be the last one for sure. He never explained why exactly he decided so though. He mentioned something like he achieved enough number one’s and he is absolutely satisfied, but the truth is the people may want to have more of him.

The album seems to be quiet a masterpiece. It contents twenty-five tracks totally. What is interesting is to see who the persons featured in the project are. And they are also big and very well-known names. Ed Sheeran can be seen in two of the songs. The album also features such big names in music as Chris Brown, 21 Savage, and Nipsey Hustle. So make no mistake we are looking at another number one from The Game.

The cover of the album is also very attractive. It shows numerous pregnant girls, casually showing their growing bellies and The Game in the middle of the room writing something. We guess this is how he expresses the name of the album Born 2 Rap.

“The Documentary” mastermind who is born with the name Jayceon Terrell Taylor, has a very impressive career so far. Lately, he created a new imprint called the Prolific, which is the publisher of Born 2 Rap. This is his tenth successful project. His music career began as one of Dr. Dre’s signees. After the year 2000, he is considered to be the most powerful person to bring back the action to the West Coast. The Game twice won the Grammy’s Ozone award in a row for 2007 and 2008, respectively for rap album and rap artist. He also took part in several movies and documentaries, mostly playing himself.

From the other side, the royalties from Game’s music efforts will cover the $7 mil. lawsuit, check the full story here.

You can listen to the Born 2 Rap album on all streaming platforms.

Release Day: November 29, 2019


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