The Game Says 50 Cent Is The Only Person He Would Do Verzuz With

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The Game Says 50 Cent Is The Only Person He Would Do Verzuz With

The future battle in Verzuz between 50 Cent and The Game is almost a fact. The news came from The Game, who recently released a new video for his single ‘A.I. With the Braids‘ featuring Lil Wayne.

As the Compton-bred rapper mentioned, he was inspired by another Verzuz battle between Jeezy and Gucci Mane, who also like him and 50 had some personal issues in the past.

To make a long story short, the beef between 50 and Game started in 2005 after Fofty’s album was pushed back due to the release of Game’s debut album. Of course, this was not very well accepted by 50. The problem evolved, as at its final stage they were not able to work together anymore.

The official end of their co-working was when in a live radio interview 50 Cent announced that The Game was no longer a member of G Unit. Later that night, a fight happened at the building, in which a person was shot.

It looks like these two are really being very positive. The Game said nothing but superlatives for 50. He noted: “Get Rich or Die Tryin’ you could literally play that from start to end and that could be his Verzuz”, referring to 50 cent’s work.

As everything is clear, we are all expecting more details about the date of this long-anticipated Verzuz battle. 50 Cent also stated his only condition, under which he will take part in a hit-for-hit battle against Game. It is for The Game to not play any single or record, that has even one second with 50’s voice on it. Seems like fair enough. After all, The Game has already got enough benefits from him and their past work and relations.

Stay tuned for more info.



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