The Game With New Song, Raps For Sex With Kim Kardashian


The Game With New Song, Raps For Sex With Kim Kardashian

After the recent cancelled tour in Canada the “Hate It Or Love It” rapper is working on new projects for sure and that became very public recently.

Yesterday, (Jan. 24) a video from the studio leaked to the social media. In the clip there is new song of The Game coming. The most interesting thing about it is part of the lyrics which were shared on Instagram.

In the short video, the lyrics describing with details the sexual experience between the rapper and Kim Kardashian West. In the past the Compton native claimed that he slept with Kim Kardashian more than once.

Six months after sliding the phrase “Kim K. for president” now the “My Life” artist being way too honest about their common past.

In what we see and hear the rapper declares how he held Kim Kardashian for the throat, made her swallow his kids and same time admits that he should apology because “Ye my folks ni**a”.

Now the media is awaiting Kanye’s reaction which expected to create more online spectacle because we all know how touchy is Mr. West when it come about his wife. Yes, we mean Ray J, yes we mean Drake as well.

Anyway back to the music, the song is part of the upcoming new album of The Game, “Born 2 Rap”. The project’s release date is expected to be this year.



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