The Game’s Manager Wack 100 Gets In Street Fight With Two Men, Video

Image of Wack 100 fighting with two men

Wack 100, The Game‘s long-time manager was captured on video getting in a fight against two men who allegedly used a racial slur to insult him. The action took place at a parking lot in Lancaster, California on Saturday (Dec. 19).

According to TMZ, Wack 100 was leaving the place, walking to his car, holding his groceries when two white men were ‘burning rubber’ right next to Wack’s vehicle. The hip-hop manager then asked them to stop it, because of the eventual danger and damages to his car.

This was the moment when the brawl sparked and the two men jumped on Wack 100. In a video shot by a random passer-by, we see Wack showing out some moves, knocking out one of the men, and defending himself from the other one.

Check out the Wack 100 fight video provided by TMZ below.

After the accident, ‘The Godfather’ posted on his Instagram page a piece of what happened and his post received a warning for violation of IG’s terms and rules. Wack 100 addressed the situation like this:

So I get attacked and I get bullied & harassed – @instagram when a black man is being killed or choked out it stays but when a black man is being attacked and wins it’s against your rules. Black on Black post stays guess that’s cool right.” He’s got a point, right?



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