The Story Behind The Rare Photo Of Tupac And Biggie 28 Years Later

rare photo of Tupac and Biggie from T. Eric Monroe

The Story Behind The Rare Photo Of Tupac And Biggie 28 Years Later

Years have passed after the death of Tupac Shakur and Biggie but still, every little piece of information, a tune, or a picture is causing interest and joy for the fans. The discovery of a rare, unseen picture of Tupac and Biggie from a night that many still remember brought up many discussions and waves of emotions. The happy memory came out from the archive of photographer T. Eric Monroe when he in 2012 was putting an order in his old archives and pictures he never used.

When he spoke about the rare photo that was taken back in 1993, it seemed like he vividly remembered that night and many details around it. It also became clear that he didn’t know who 2Pac was back then and certainly did not expect him to be a worldwide celebrity.

So 1993, I set up a shoot with Onyx to do an article in Thrasher…As I was packing my equipment away, someone from the other side of the stage goes, ‘Yo, come take our picture.’ I said, ‘Yes, give me a second.’ Then I ended up going over to the guys who said it,” Monroe adds.

“Literally just look at them, line up the picture and took one picture and said thank you and then went back to the dressing room to Onyx. I got the film developed at some point and I kept remembering this giant middle finger. I remember writing the name Tupac on it, but I didn’t really understand who he was in 1993.

On the day of the discovery of that picture, he spent some time staring at it, knowing that except Tupac there was something more. And there it was – The Notorious B.I.G., standing there, next to Tupac. Everyone in the picture was wearing the I am a Bad Boy T-Shirt.

rare photo of Tupac and Biggie from T. Eric Monroe

Eric Monroe also said that it was impossible to publish such a picture with the finger back then, but now it is pure treasure. He also advised his young colleges never to refuse to take a picture and that photography is an art for catching rear moments. It should not be always directed and it surely not only for celebrities.

After a long time of waiting, finally in 2013, the photographer decided to post the picture with his initials on it. He also connected with Lil Cease – a long-time friend of Biggie- who added life to the picture, telling authentic stories from that night.

Check out T. Eric Monroe’s art here.



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