Tory Lanez Diss And The Response To Don Q

Tory Lanez assault charges shooting

Alright, here is the deal. January, 24 Tory Lanez stated that he is “the best rapper alive” and not surprising at all, that caused blast among the rappers and the social media was heated by controversial opinions.

One thing we can’t deny, Lanez knows how to get the attention in some point. This attention lead to two diss tracks coming at his way.

In Tory’s posts, claiming to be the best around the world, was mentioned 2 of the big names on the hip hop stage lately, Pusha T and the Dreamville boss J. Cole. For now, none of them yet replied to the Canadian rapper. The “LUV” artist even mentioned Eminem, we still not sure if he got Marshal’s attention but time will show.

However, there is a reply and even two.

Bronx native Don Q presented to the society the song “I’m Not Joyner” (there was a beef between Tory and Joyner Lucas just few months ago).

Announced in social media, Don Q dropped a hint, few hours before the release of the song, showing the cover of the single which images Don Q standing on a bridge, holding with one hand Tory Lanez hanged on a rope.

Take a look on it

Is not only Don Q that decided to dedicate few bars to Lanez. The freestyle Harlem champion, J.R. Writer couldn’t resist the temptation and dropped a “Head Shot”. Following the lyrical murder that Eminem did few months ago to MGK, J.R. bet on very common name and visuals of his song. Check it out

After this exciting moments, was about time Tory to answer to any of the tracks. First in the roll was Don Q’s. The Canadian star strikes back with “Don Queen” diss track, January,28. Even though, Lanez did features with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, which is good friend of Don Q, he dropped few bars bringing his name in, claiming that with the diss he make for Don Q, he give him more “shine” then A Boogie ever gave him.

Tory Lanez became even more confident and aimed at the whole Dreamville gang, claimed that he would take them all and after they have to give him J. Cole.

J.I.D. also couldn’t just watch, he and Lanez exchanged few tweets regarding all the claims, rap battle challenges and J. Cole.

More from this will come soon, stay tuned.



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