Tory Lanez: “Im The Best Rapper Alive”


The Canadian rapper, Tory Lanez set on fire the social media, (Jan. 24) In a tweet post Lanez made a bold statement that he is the best rapper alive and he will body any of them. All of this was wrote on caps, showing that Tory is serious and really mean it.

7 minutes later there was another tweet blast from the “Love Me Now?” artist. Telling to everyone who is not agree with what he is saying that their favorite rapper didn’t stepped up last time, maybe regarding some comments aimed to him.

By “favorite rapper” he was aiming at J. Cole and Pusha T. That became clear 5 minutes after the last post. Lanez called his followers to not tell him nothing about Pusha and Cole. He admitted they are some of his favorite rappers but adter he gave them both opportunity to go “bar for bar” they “weren’t READY”.

Four hours later, after the rapper should have already cooled down, Lanez brought another tweet exposing his intentions to become the “biggest” “in the world one day” and was pretty clear that he don’t care.

This is not the first time when Tory addresses Pusha T.  In November last year he was ready to meet him in a battle and according to him to “Smoke him”.

The “Ferris Wheel” collaborator recently participated in few new videos teaming up with artists like T-Pain, Bhad Bhabie and Trippie Redd. Working also on his new project El Agua, which should be released this year.

Random coincidence or not, Pusha T also threw out  few words in twitter. Addresses no one particular Pusha said his thoughts in one post that THIS someone tried and failed and this time he is not going to play with any of them.

Any soon there will be more details about this, stay tuned.


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