Tory Lanez To Face Assault Charges In Megan Thee Stallion Shooting

Tory Lanez assault charges shooting

Seems like Tory Lanez could be charged with felony assault with a firearm following the shooting where Megan Thee Stallion was wounded in the leg.

Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office plans to charge Lanez for the above-mentioned crime according to TMZ.

The accident happened last month in LA. The female singer was shot in her foot while she was walking away from what later turns to be a crime scene. The two of them – Megan and Tory were in the parked SUV at the Hollywood Hills on July 12, this year.

Probably, but not officially, they had a fight and she was walking away from the vehicle for some reason. Just then Tory in his anger pointed the gun and shot Megan in the leg from the back. The wound is serious as the people can see from an Instagram picture, posted by herself. Then things got even more serious when the surgeons have to reopen the wound to remove another part of the bullet, still left inside.

Besides the pain and the insult, Megan has trouble with her work, and also the scar will not be very beautiful. That is why she is determined to see the person, guilty about that, behind the bars.

On the other side, Tory Lanez is not in a very good position himself. Besides the shooting, it turned out that the handgun, found in the vehicle, was illegally possessed and never registered by the Canadian rapper. That, according to the USA law, is a very serious crime and he can face a very long time in prison, after adding the other crimes.

Megan Thee Stallion responded to the multiple comments, accusing her of not telling the truth with an already-deleted post. Obviously, she felt really bad about that. Many people, who are taking Tory’s side, are sure that Megan is lying so she can get all the attention. She felt the need to respond, and she just called these people sick without apology.

Megan also thanked God for watching over her meaning that things could be worse if she was shot somewhere else, which could be fatal for her. She also shares that during her life so far she never experienced anything worse than that.

Tory Lanez, on the other hand, did not share any opinion, probably advised so from his lawyers. His last post is dated from the 10th of July, which is before the accident, meaning that he obviously has never made any comments on the case.


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