Tupac Love Letters & Biggie’s Crown To Be Sold On Auction

Tupac Love Letters & Biggie's Crown To Be Sold On Auction

Two of the greatest names in rap music meet again, this time in an auction. Tupac love letters and Biggie’s “King Of New York” crown to be sold on auction at the first Sotheby’s hip-hop related auction on September 15. The event will take place in New York.

The extraordinary items are just a small part of what’s to be auctioned as the event will provide to the fans 120 different iconic items. The auction will cover four decades of Hip Hop history starting from the 70s.

Fans will get the chance to obtain the impressive 22 love letters, handwritten and autographed by the 16-yar-old Tupac Shakur to his girlfriend Kathy Loy. the estimated price for the collection will start from $60.000 to $80.000.

This is not the first time we see Tupac’s poems, letters or items to be auctioned. His ID card from New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility was sold for a record price last year. The last Tupac-owned items sold on auction were the red and blue bandanas the rapper wore while he was still alive, as well as his nose ring, diamond ring, and other jewelry.

Handwritten Tupac love letters
Handwritten Tupac love letters

As for the crown…we all have seen these photos at least once in our lives. Back on March 6, 1997, days before the “Big Poppa” mastermind to get killed, the photographer Barron Claiborne took the iconic photo session of Biggie Smalls titled “The King Of New York”.

Biggie King Of New York session crown auctioned
Photos from the “King Of New York” Session (1997)

The crown Biggie wore back then will be accompanied by the original contact sheet, three unique prints and the bid will start from approximately $200.000 – $300.000.



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