Tupac Owned Bandanas, Jewelry, Letters & More Up For Auction

Tupac with red bandana image

Tupac Owned Bandanas, Jewelry, Letters & More Up For Auction

You now have the chance to obtain an item that belonged to the great Tupac Shakur because another wave of rare items is up for auction. Only few people on earth can boast with such items.

Gotta Have Rock And Roll give you the opportunity to join the auction for valuable items like:

The Bandanas Tupac Wore


Tupac red and blue bandanas


Two of Tupac’s bandanas (the red and the blue) are the hottest items in the auction. We all have seen the rap legend wearing his bandanas in a way he loved to. Shakur left his mark on the bandanas and established the new fashion trends back in the years.

His nose stud that got a nice diamond on it, as well as a gold ring with diamonds on it too, are among the items some lucky fan will be able to buy.

Tupac Diamond Nose Stud image

You can also bid for letters sent from the prison “Clinton Correctional Facility” NY, back in 1995. Tupac was spending his time behind bars charged for sexual abuse and later on, the same year Makaveli was out on bail.

Hotel bills, photos and more. You can check the full list of the auctioned items here.

Last year, we witnessed an impressive auction for Tupac’s prison ID from Clinton Correctional Facility issued on Feb. 28, 1995, that was sold out for $ 30.000 and became the most expensive item of the late rapper sold ever. In 2019 there were also other letters, drawings and poems sold out in different auctions.

The black BMW that the “All Eyez On Me” mastermind was shot in was also up for auction last year.



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