Tupac Shakur Prison ID Now Sold And The Price Sets New Record

Tupac Shakur Prison ID Sold Image

Tupac Shakur Prison ID Now Sold And The Price Sets New Record

A passionate fan of Tupac Shakur paid $ 30,000 to obtain the precious item, the ID card that Shakur used in the New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility, back in 1995.

According to the sources, the price is the highest so far for Tupac’s auctioned items. As we informed you, the auction was set on July 1st, 2019 with $ 2 000 starting bid. A few weeks later with the wrap of the month, after over 10 000 visits and 30 bids, one lucky fan succeed to get it for the spectacular amount of $ 30, 000.

As we all know, Makaveli had his problems with the law in the past, but he was also stuck in the jail cell for 11 months, after being charged for sexual abuse. Later on, October 12, 1995, Suge Knight made his wisest move and made a deal with Tupac. After Knight paid the bail, the legend Tupac Shakur started his piece of art “All Eyez On Me”.


Tupac Shakur ID Sold Record Image
Tupac and Suge Knight

This record would not last long, because another rare item from the late rapper just hit the auctions on July 17. A love letter to Madonna, obtained by her friend is now up for auction and the starting bid is $ 100 000.

The queen of pop made her biggest efforts to take back the precious item, but after a trial and judge’s decision, she won’t be that lucky.

Congratulations to the new owner

Stay tuned for more info.



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