Two Men Arrested For The Murder Of Jam Master Jay 18 Years Later


18 years later, there comes the breaking news for two men arrested for the murder of Run-DMC’s Jam Master Jay.

According to the latest reports after 18 years of investigation, the police arrested Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan, Jr. in connection to the murder of the late Master Jay.

Jam Master Jay (real name Jason Mizell) was shot and killed back in 2002 in a recording studio in Queens, NYC. While he and his friend Tony (Uriel Rincon) were in the studio playing on PS, a man who obviously knew Jay came in. After a few words, the unknown man opened fire.

So far, there were no suspects for the killing of the legendary DJ. But finally, the day has come and there will be justice for Jay and his family.


In a press statement, Acting United States Attorney DuCharme said: “The defendants allegedly carried out the cold-blooded murder of Jason Mizell, a brazen act that has finally caught up with them thanks to the dedicated detectives, agents and prosecutors who never gave up on this case,

Washington and Jordan were both charged with murder and additional drug trafficking charges. Washington who was already in jail for robbery is also suspect for the 1995 killing of the rapper Stretch who was also a good friend of Tupac.

“The charges announced today begin to provide a measure of justice to the family and friends of the victim, and make clear that the rule of law will be upheld, whether that takes days, months or decades.” – DuCharme added.



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