Tyga Drops New “The Mask”-Inspired “Ayy Macarena” Video

Tyga Drops New “The Mask”-Inspired “Ayy Macarena” Video

Tyga Drops New “The Mask”-Inspired “Ayy Macarena” Video.

T-Raww finally equipped his viral hit “Ayy Macarena” with a brand new video. The track was released on November 13, 2019, and since then the number of streams and views rising extremely fast, causing the “Ayy Macarena challenge” on the social.

For the new video, directed by Tyga himself and the creators of undisputed masterpieces in “Psycho Films” the Cali’ rapper made sure everything for the remake of the iconic song to be on a higher level. That’s why Los Del Rio, the creators of the eternal evergreen, appears in the video for the first chorus and remains till the end.

While the track has nothing in common with “The Mask” movie, Tyga doing a good Jim Carrey-like job, transforming into another 90’s classic. While his jaw drops after he notices the amazing Monica Alvarez (the girl in the video) Tyga drops few bars and the infectious choruses.

Check out the new video here:

Premiere: December 17, 2019


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