Update: BET With Apology To Nicki Minaj


After BET shared a since deleted post congratulating Cardi B for her Grammy, with caption mocking at Nicki Minaj, the Queen’s decision was to back off from BET Experience performance and awards ceremony. Nicki spoke out for the whole Young Money records and later Lil Wayne supported her position.

BET Mocking At Nicki Minaj, She Cancels BET Experience And Awards

Realizing the outcome from their sarcastic post, BET addressed an apology to the “Good Form” rapper.

In a recent post, BET network statement team expressed a deep apology to Minaj, and her fans for the “hurt” and “disappointment”. Ensures the auditory that internal audit is being launched, to prevent such posts in future.

Apology accepted? Not so fast. Until now, there is no statement from Nicki regarding the issue.



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