Video: Boogie Feat. Eminem – Rainy Days


Boogie drops the first video of his album Everything’s For Sale and it’s for the song Rainy Days in which he teams up with Eminem.

Almost a month after the release of his debut studio album, the Shady Records rapper is here hitting the video channels with spectacular brand new video. As reminder: Boogie signed up with Shady Records in 2017 and took one year and three months to make his first project, but the time was worth it and the album was accepted very well by the fans and the critics too.

In the footage, we see Boogie at the beginning of the song, raps while there is a dark, stormy cloud above him, and the rain falls on him.

At 2 minutes mark, there come the verse of the Rap God. A verse that is so provocative and controversial same time, with the rhymes in which Em compares himself to a shepherd who banged his sheep, causing once again social explosion of criticism on his way.

Later in the bars, Shady goes to Janice Dickinson involving her name in the sexual content rhymes, using wordplay and still looks like even mentioned like this, Dickinson admits that she take it both ways, affected and as a compliment too.

You know what people say…When you got Eminem featured in your song, it’s not your song anymore – it’s his song.

Premiere: Feb. 20



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