Video: City Girls Feat. Cardi B – Twerk


It’s been few hours since the video was uploaded and there is a lot to talk about and same time no words to describe the how cool is the new visuals at the Miami beach.

City Girls presents remarkable video of the song “Twerk” including Cardi B showing her best in rap and twerk mode.

In the beggining of the video there is few words for the competition that was made, but also there is another story about the video shooting. That day while Cardi B was in Miami, body painted and twerking a judge was awaiting her at court for her trial. She was warned that next time when she not show up in court room she will be arrested.

Well… who can blame her. Watching the video now makes us understand that not showing in court was actually worth it.

No more talk…enjoy…

Premiere: January, 17




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