Video: J. Cole Suits Up His Middle Child In Brand New Visuals


J. Cole suits up his single Middle Child in brand new visuals.

As the start of 2019, J. Cole proved once again that all the credits he got, are deserved. The audio of such remarkable track, released Jan. 23, could not just pass by without footage of it. One month after the Dreamville rapper dropped the track, is now turn for the video.

Directed by Mez, the video shows J. Cole in different situations, like spitting few bars next to covered dead bodies, raps in a Bentley, while doing circles in the mud and in a shopping trolley at a supermarket where you can find kind a anything, even human parts for sale.

Still it’s a mystery if the single will be included in upcoming Cole project, or in the collaboration album of Dreamville which is about to happen this year, but time will show.

Premiere: Feb. 25



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