Video: Lil Pump – Racks On Racks


Lil Pump presents new video of the track Racks On Racks.

During the 2 minute and 28 seconds video uploaded three hours ago, we observe several types of visual content, from 90’s vintage style footage at the beginning, fiction weapons and the good old Apache chopper to the Monster truck and crashed planes all over the place. The video of the song is mixing not only the ages, but the shown characters as well. From cheerleaders to hot female military filling up the colored visuals. Oh yes and a UFO at the end.

The self-proclaimed (or the science) “most lyrical rapper” released the song as promised yesterday. The banger is part of the long awaited Harverd Dropout album of the rapper, which should be released this year, after five delays since August, 2018.

Premiere: January, 31



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