Video: Soulja Boy – New Drip


Premiere: Jan. 18/2019

Still under the spotlights Soulja Boy drops new video of the song “New Drip”. The song is from his mixtape named “Fuego”.

Big Draco was kind a not agree on “2018 Tyga’s biggest come back” and showed it in the social media platforms so everyone can see it in pure “Soulja Boy style”. Few days ago in a recent interview he also enlightened his fans that he thought Drake everything he knows. Soulja’s reactions “DRAKE? DRAAAAAAKE? “ and “TYGA? TYYYYGAAAA???” went viral into the internet getting so much attention to the rapper in the past week.

For sure “Crank that” artist will not participate in the “2019 biggest come back” because he just started the year with an blast of attention of any kind. More good news regarding Soulja Boy is that we are about to witness his new album very soon as he said it’s already done.



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