Wale Releases New Album ‘Folarin II” f/ Rick Ross, J. Cole & More

Wale Releases New Album ‘Folarin II” f/ Rick Ross, J. Cole & More

Wale’s new album “Folarin II” is the sequel to his 2012-released mixtape. The cover of the album shows the rapper himself, who is hiding his face behind a big flower bouquet.

In the new project, Wale expresses his feelings and his philosophy that is good to accept the things one cannot change. During the project, he stops to say what he is grateful for.

It seems like it is a turning point for Wale and the time to find an explanation for many things. In an interview for Uproxx, he tried to reflect on his career. The main point of his philosophy now is that frustration and anger are not good advisors. He admits he had done many things which were possibly improper just under the influence of the dark side. Wale is sure he is blessed because he had a chance to see through the dark and to fight his bad side, and most importantly to win.

The fans can fully enjoy the new album Folarin II which is streaming online. The project includes fifteen tracks. Wale was supported by many other fellow rappers in the album. Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Jamie Foxx, J. Cole, and Boyz II Men are just some of the names. The fans will also hear the vocals of T.O.B, Lil Chris, Ant Clemons.

When asked why he made the sequel so long after the first part of Folarin, he explained that basically, he felt the same way like he did then. Wale cannot say if this is for good or bad, but this is the whole truth. He also added that Folarin One is very different from the sound of Folarin II, but still, they are somehow connected. Every song in the new album is addressed for the listener especially.

Check out Folarin II below via Spotify.

Additional information:

  • Release Date: October 22, 2021
  • Record Label: Maybach Music Group, Warner Records



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