Watch: Cardi B Shares “Rhythm + Flow” Series Trailer

Watch: Cardi B Shares “Rhythm + Flow” Series Trailer image

Watch: Cardi B Shares “Rhythm + Flow” Series Trailer

Cardi B seems to be the woman of the day. Or is it more correct to say the lady of this movie season? She is hitting success after success, giving her audience what they are expecting from her. The newest upcoming series of the female rap star looks like it’s going to continue this practice.

After she played one of the leading roles on the box office breaker “Hustlers“, she will double her movie experience soon. This time Cardi B is planning to conquer the Netflix with the new series called “Rhythm + Flow “. The project is leading her back to what she can do best – which is hip-hop.

The “Rhythm + Flow“ project deserves admirations, because as it aims to seek and give chance to new talents in hip hop music. Often, the stars get lost in their fame and fortune and forget where they started from. But, this does not seem to be the case with the “Money” rapper, originally born with the name Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar.

She is explaining in details what is her plan with this new job. In the series, she is going to travel across the USA. Some of the main places are Los Angeles and New York of course. The journey for new talents also includes Atlanta and Chicago.

During the shooting of the ten, soon-to-be-hit series, Cardi B will be accompanied by her friends and colleges Chance the Rapper and T.I.

Here is how Cardi B describes the right person to catch her attention.

He or she has to be remarkable with the music, personality and looks. Of course, this also includes natural talent and ambition. We have no doubt the female rap star is just the right person for that. And we are also looking forward to the streaming to start on the 9th of October.

Watch: Cardi B Shares “Rhythm + Flow” Series Trailer image 2
“Hustlers” Scene

The fact that Cardi B is a natural is also proved from her latest role in the total movie hit this season, as we mentioned before, The Hustlers. Jennifer Lopez herself gave her colleges big credit, saying Grammy Award Winner was knowing exactly what to do and how to do it. That is why we are more than delighted to wait until the 9th of October to see the first series of “Rhythm + Flow “. Hope she finds the next hip-hop star soon.



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