Watch: DaBaby Detained By Police For Questioning In Miami

DaBaby Detained by police in Miami image

Watch: DaBaby Detained By Police For Questioning In Miami.

This is not the best possible way to start your year. DaBaby wrapped up 2019 with an arrest for marijuana possession and started the new year with another trouble with the law. On the recently leaked video, we see the 28-year-old artist handcuffed and taken by the Miami Police Department officers on Jan. 2, 2020.

The filmed handcuffing scene was posted on IG immediately, you can check it out here:

And here, you can see it from a different angle, with all the surrounding police cars:

While the media exploded with news about DaBaby being arrested, the Miami PD spokesman, gave an official statement regarding the case, explaining that the “Suge” rapper was detained by the law just for questioning over an ongoing robbery investigation.

“Thus far, he is being questioned and has NOT been arrested” Miami Police Department wrote.

See the official statement here:


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