Watch Eminem Steals The Show On 2020 Oscars Ceremony, Video

Eminem 2020 Oscars live image

Watch Eminem Steals The Show On 2020 Oscars Ceremony, Video

The last night Oscar ceremony is still the number one topic to talk about today and probably will be at least for the next few days, with the surprising appearance of Eminem, the night and the scene was taken over by the tapper.

The 92nd Academy Awards brought many expected situations and others, which were a full surprise. After all, that is what happens every year, doesn’t it? We are happy that Brad Pitt at least got the award he deserved a long time ago.

One of the non-questionable surprises and an absolute hit of the evening, besides the awards, is the appearance of Eminem on the stage. He charmed the audience with no other hit but his multi-platinum “Lose Yourself”. Exactly eighteen years later after he won the academy award for the same song. It will be true if we say that the rapper actually made history for winning for the first time with a hip-hop project.

Though many claimed the performance was not impressive, actually Eminem rocked the whole space. He proved once again that he won for a reason. The rapper himself felt proud and grateful to be back.

It was an honor and one hundred percent thrilling to relive the night of Oscars 2003. And this was proved from the tweet of Marshal Mathers himself released shortly after the performance. The Lose Yourself author uploaded a video from the exact moment of receiving the award from Barbara Streisand.

Many curious eyes noticed that the movie stars really liked the appearance of the rapper. Even Leonardo Di Caprio was caught in the act and dance a little. The hall saw out the rap star with an explosion of ovations which is the right way to thank a gifted person like him.

Let’s get back to the night of the winning which all did yesterday evening. When Barbara Streisand announced the name of the winners, Eminem was not there to receive the honor. But eighteen years after that he was back to take the love of the audience.

Lose Yourself won many awards that year. It went also with a Grammy for best rap and best solo and many others. The song was described as overlooking many actual social topics, being very inspirational and by all means the peak of the music career of the American rapper. If you missed it, you can see the 2020 Oscars “Lose Yourself” performance by Eminem here.



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