Watch Swizz Beatz & Timbaland 2020 Beats Battle With Classic Hits

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Watch Swizz Beatz & Timbaland 2020 Beats Battle With Classic Hits

The hip-hop battles are the basis of the rap game since back in the days and a way to have fun for many years. The competition between two artists brings out the best from each one of them. So, how about that, two of the greatest producers ever to meet each other at the virtual arena to a friendly battle. That’s the case with Timbo and Swizz who are both responsible for some of the most iconic hits in hip-hop ever.

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These two have a history of battles. Their previous was two years ago back in 2018. And it lasted only fifteen minutes, not like the one from the last day. The 2020 edition of the Swizz BeatzTimbaland epic battle lasted almost two hours – can you imagine, what a time to be alive.

Swizz Beatz Timbaland image
Photo of Swizz Beatz and Timbaland during their 2018 battle

The Swizz Beatz – Timbaland Battle

Their scene was Instagram. The two producing moguls went back and forth and traveled through genres. They featured many stars they’ve worked with through the years. The battle was only stopped from time to time when there were technical problems with the wi-fi. The risks of live performances. That is why at some point in the battle Swizz needed to go out in his car and continue his musical performance from the car because there were troubles with the transmission.

Things got very hot when Tim decided to perform “Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake. He took off his shirt, which I am absolutely sure, raised the number of the female audience at once. The live show was observed by over 20 000 people on IG.

Of course, the battle was full of positive jokes. Especially when Swizz said Timbaland was trying to put him to sleep with his choice of songs. At that time Swizz performed parts from classics he created with DMX, The LOX, Cam’Ron and more and more.

An epic moment from the historical 2020 battle was when both producers played some of their works for tracks by Jay-Z.

You can check all the snippets and videos we were able to find on the web.



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