Wu-Tang Clan Benefits Ottawa, Canada Helps Charity Organizations

Wu-Tang Clan Benefits Ottawa, Canada Helps Charity Organizations

We live in times that put everyone in a challenging environment as well as take out the best and worst sides of our soul. During the social isolation, where no concerts and other entertaining events are allowed except online, Wu-Tang Clan found another way to be useful. Besides the great catalog of music, Wu-Tang Clan helps Ottawa, Canada by raising funds for the charity to benefit foundations fighting with COVID-19 and the outcomes.

Following the new world order, where toilet paper, sanitizers and masks are like gold, the Wu-Tang clan set a line, having the cheering name “Protect Ya Hands“ just like their classic Protect Ya Neck. The set has three products included and it will be sold in Canada. It includes sanitizer, a special print T-shirt and a meal pack with a bowl, which can be used multiple times. And the best part of it is that every penny of the purchase will go directly for the charity.

It all started back in April in Canada when a post from a local businessman announced the need for donations for the Food Bank, which helps those in need and living in extreme poverty.

It was especially addressed to the Wu-Tang Clan and unexpectedly for everybody they reacted very shortly after the message. Within forty-eight hours they managed to give to the local organization not less than 280 thousand dollars.

It looks like the initiative gave signs to be so good, that the Wu-Tang Clan developed it further, as they came up with this idea, which will collect stable income from profits during the next few months. It is at the same time good for people who buy because they take something really valuable and good for the situation.

What is even better is the fact that for every sold bottle of sanitizer, there will be another one, which will be donated to the Ottawa Mission. In the brilliant collaboration besides the famous rappers are taking part also local organizations and people.

Mayor Jim Watson is the main person in charge. The City of Ottawa and the 36 Chambers, as well as the Victoria manufacturer are also helping all this to be released. Besides the Food Bank of Ottawa, the money raised will also go to CHEO, which is supplying food for medical workers on the front line. Ottawa Mission is the third beneficiary in this case.

Well done for the City of Ottawa and Wu-Tang Clan!

COVID-19 is temporary, Wu-Tang Is Forever!


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