YBN Almighty Jay Assaulted And Robbed


YBN Almighty Jay Assaulted And Robbed

March, 8. Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City, the YBN’s former Almighty Jay peacefully shopping with his crew while the Bronx native rapper Lil TJay walks into the same store. After few verbal shots between the two teams everything goes out of control and physical.

From recently surfaced videos of the same day, there are shown a lot of details about what really happened. Details, which can be considered as evidence. In the first video, taken before the robbery, we see two gangs in a street fight and there YBN Almighty Jay seems untouched and kind of a winning side of the fight, as the other crew falls back.

Few hours later, in another video of the accident as some kind of revenge maybe, the footage gives us a view of the YBN rapper, on the floor, surrounded by group of people and taking kicks in the head. While Jay trying to get up and escape there are shouts yelling “take his chain, take his chain”.

The last video is not from the fight scene. It’s way more bold, barely recognizable man showing off with his new trophy, YBN Almight Jay’s chain indeed in a live IG story. Stay tuned for more details.



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