YG Won’t Work With Nicki Minaj Again Following Her Tekashi Collaboration

YG Won’t Work With Nicki Minaj Again Following Her Tekashi Collaboration

The reason YG won’t work with Nicki Minaj anymore is pretty clear – she worked with Tekashi 6ix9ine, who testified against his people in court last year and reduced his jail time to 2 years behind the bars. Well, since then, YG expressed his thoughts on Tekashi with the track “Stop Snitchin”.

After his release, Tekashi did one solo track and everyone was shocked when 69 announced his feature for the TROLLZ single is Nicki Minaj, well…looks like YG was shocked too.

Can’t deny it, Tekashi’s personality was always controversial ever since his star raised in his early years. His recent hit in cooperation with Nicki Minaj “TROLLZ” is also the next reason for beef in rap music. The track, besides everything, is very successful. The song can be found at the top positions of the Billboard US chart and broke several records. The track succeeded to reach the top of the chart fast enough, but however, it registered the biggest chart fall out in history for a song, which debuted in such a high position.

Though nothing really happened between the Queen and “4 Real 4 Real” creator, YG is pretty sure he will never again work with Nicki Minaj. He shared this in an interview with the Real 92.3 FM. He also was positive about the fact that his feelings were hurt and he only shook his head in a negative way to answer his intensions for not working with the female rapper ever again.

To be more sure, the interviewer asked again “No more Nicki?”. YG said in response “Yeee, I am cool”. Let’s see what will happen, because the wiser people say we should never say never.

Together with his thought about the Trollz single and his feelings about Nicki Minaj he also shared the news about his new track Swag and the track itself. It is announced to be part of the tracklist of YG’s new upcoming album, called Laugh Now Kry Later. The cover of the single is pretty interesting though. It shows YG dressed as NFL player, kneeling. But no anyone – he looks like Colin Kaepernick.



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