Meek Mill Slams DJ Drama in a Fiery Online Rant: Feud Explained

Meek Mill

A heated feud has ignited between hip-hop heavyweights Meek Mill and DJ Drama after offhanded comments made by Drama during a recent podcast appearance.

The exchange of words began when DJ Drama disagreed with the notion that Meek Mill was the modern-day JAY-Z, instead asserting that Drake held that title. Meek Mill took to Twitter to express his displeasure and launched a scathing attack on the Atlanta-based DJ.

During an episode of The Jay Hill Podcast, DJ Drama was asked about the modern-day equivalent of JAY-Z. While the podcast host suggested Meek Mill, Drama disagreed, citing Drake as the deserving artist. These comments did not sit well with Meek Mill, leading him to unleash a series of tweets aimed at DJ Drama.

I think it’s Drake — one thousand percent. Drake came out in ’08. It’s 2023. He changed the sound of Hip Hop. He’s literally ran every summer, ” DJ Drama said.

In his online rant, Meek Mill called out DJ Drama as an “industry lame” and accused him of speaking negatively about him. Meek Mill expressed his frustration, stating that Drama had compared his work to another artist’s and downplayed his accomplishments.


He also mentioned Drama’s role in the Meek Mill and Drake beef, suggesting that Drama was attempting to create division and take credit for their feud.


Meek Mill and DJ Drama’s relationship has been strained for several years. Despite once being label mates on MMG, tensions have persisted between them. Drama has found himself unintentionally caught in the middle of conflicts involving Meek Mill, such as the rapper’s feud with Wale in 2014 and the highly-publicized beef with Drake in 2016. However, Drama has also attempted to diffuse these situations in the past.


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