Kanye West Shares New Video For ‘Come To Life’

Kanye West Shares New Video For ‘Come To Life’

As the drama is very often part of his life and music, Kanye West continued this tendency with his new video “Come To Life”.

The track is part of Kanye’s newest album Donda. The video was not specially produced and does not tell some story or something. It is just a filmed part from one of the live listening events of Donda. It is specifically the one that took place on August 26.

It begins with a dark scene. Only a big cross on top of Kanye’s childhood home (recreated). It becomes clear that the place is empty. Only Kanye is staying on a chair in the middle of it and finds himself in flames. If this is not dramatic, what is then.

Kim Kardashian appears in the video as well as she was part of the above-mentioned listening event. She is dressed like a bride and her face is covered. This ghosty appearance of soon to be ex-wife is also very creepy and adds another portion of drama to the video.

It seems like Kanye will not let any asset he can have from the new album come by him. So he will take the maximum out of any track, live performance, and video.

Donda is the tenth studio album of the rapper and it is one of the most postponed as well. Finally, it got out on August 28th followed by immediate controversy with the record company. There were songs missing from the tracklist, added later, and Kanye did not stop to alarm for the lack of his permission from his site for this release.

Watch the new “Come To Life” video by Kanye West below.

Additional information:

  • Premiere: September 2, 2021
  • Directors: Kanye West and Nico Ballesteros



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