Ty Dolla $ign Teams Up Kanye West, Skrillex & FKA Twigs for ‘Ego Death’


Ty Dolla $ign readying his new album (described by him as his best work) and dropped a new track with Kanye West, Skrillex, and FKA Twigs titled “Ego Death”.

The track’s instrumental comes from the well-known “Fade” by Ye and brings different taste of Ty’s usual style.

Ty announced his collaboration with the three artists via his IG page, revealing new name with every new post in the past week. Also, on his IG page, TY uploaded a short clip of Ye walking around in Chicago when a train goes by him, which is the exact moment when TY got his inspiration for his newest track.


In the track, Dolla $ign goes with the first verse. You can hear Kanye West’s bars in the second one.

Check out “Ego Death” above.

Release Day: July 1, 2020

Producer: Ty Dolla $ign, Skrillex



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